Saturday, 23 June 2012


Evening my friends! I am warning you now that this post will be deleted in the near future. Not for anything bad, I hasten to add, but because I am going to be writing about ATCs on my main blog Dotty Textiles from now on as this blog doesn't really get a lot of action. So thanks for being loyal to this blog, I'm not going anywhere, just relocating!!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Wildflowers, Texture With String & Embellished With Beads

I have had these cards for a while, only due to complicated posting arrangements they were sent home whilst I was at university to make sure I didn't lose anything, so I've only just seen them, and boy are you in for a treat!!!

Embellished With Beads:

 (By Liz)                                                         (By Wendy)

 (By Sue H)


 (By Joyce)                                                        (By Alison)
 (By Becky)

Texture With String:

 (By Becky)                                                   (By Wendy)

(By Sue V)

Aren't they lovely?!

RAB May Blue

Thought you might like to see the new blue page- only two more months to go and then I can put all of the pages together as a book!! Very exciting stuff.

Would you like to see my pages so far? Here are the ones I made first...

And the ones I got back...

I am waiting on the blue one for this month so can't show it to you yet, I will let you know as soon as it arrives!!!

The Completed Alphabet!!

I have finally made it through all of the different months (without forgetting any!!!) and have a completed alphabet of lovely mini art pieces. Here are the two that complete my set...

(By Becky)                                            (By Wendy)

So here we go then- the entire alphabet once more, starting with the ones I made!!

 And the gorgeous cards I now have in my collection...!!